Music Exchange, a non-profit organization founded in 2009, is one of the leading South African music, film and entertainment digital exchange networks and culminating in an annual 3-day International music conference, masterclasses, workshops, and showcase.

We have quarterly programs for music professionals, media, record labels, related services and suppliers, academic institutions, government, the corporate sector, the private sector and branders. The program provides creative workers with practical tools and insights into the workings of the music, film and entertainment business so they are better equipped to make a success of their individual careers.

Music Exchange is an entertainment, social media entrepreneurship hub attracting local and global entertainment industry thought leaders building value-add partnerships supporting job creation and economic development in Africa and abroad. Tomorrow's Artist Today.

The project objectives:

Betterment of the South African Music, Film and Entertainment Industry
Entertainment training and skill development for music artists
Celebration and proliferation of South African Artist fostering economic sustainability
Connecting Brands with Music Performers and Artist
MEX Community Artist Management and Mentorship
Delegates meet an array of International Artists like Mos Def, , Trevor Jones, Bryan Michael Cox; and National Artists like Sipho 'Hotstix' Mabuse, RJ Benjamin, Aka, Tamara Dey and Ziyon

Since inception Music Exchange has had several successes which include:

Evolver One completed their 3rd album and were invited to showcase at the Worldwide Radio Summit in Hollywood in 2011.
Goodluck launched their debut album using principles learned at the conference.
Debate was raised around the FIFA( 2010 )opening concert, who responded by including more South African acts.
Jeremy Crutchley, award-winning actor, attended and as a result completed his debut album.
7thSon as a result of been introduced to Stuart Rubin (Australia - x BMG Marketing Director) at the 2009 conference were directed by Stuart to re-record an Australian hit in SA after listening to the Band called "The Boys Light Up' which later became their first HIT and Launched them to national success and radio airplay.
Shannon Hope later created an ITunes contract and toured Nationally to get Brand Exposure as a result of the Digital Platform talks held at the 2010 Conference

Capasso (Composers, Authors and Publishers Association) launched and released to the South African Music Industry at Music Exchange 2014 - a landmark venture in mechanical rights in South Africa. The organization came about as a result of extensive negotiations between SAMRO and NORM, with the vision to create proactive, responsive and progressive mechanical rights licensing hub, which would represent all rights holders and would play an integral role in the copyright licensing landscape on the African continent. Needletime the great South African debacle discussed live for the first time in South Africa with all 3 representatives from SAMRO (South African music Rights Organisation), DTI (Department of Trade and Industry) as well National DAC (Department of Arts and Culture).

The new SABC Generations theme song, launched in September 2013, was composed by International Film Composer Dr Trevor Jones and featuring Sipho "Hotstix" Mabuse on saxophone.

Charles Webster, the International EDM music producer, remixed and remade material he heard at MUSIC EXCHANGE.
3I publishers identifying space for two more music publications after attending the conference.
R J Benjamin secured the 2013 keynote speaker to mentor the Idols Top 8
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