Menno Visser
Menno Visser (1967) is one of the most well-known music journalists of The Netherlands with experience in print, radio and online.

Experienced Interviewer

He interviewed hundreds of pop stars including Coldplay and Amy Winehouse, but also many cult artists like John Cale and Pavement. During his study in mass communication at the University of Amsterdam, he started his career as a freelance music journalist in the early nineties. He wrote for numerous print publications, including the established Dutch pop magazine OOR. Also, he created a weekly cultural radio show for youngsters.

Five years in London for Billboard
At the end of the nineties, he worked five years in London for Billboard’s European radio magazine Music & Media. During the day he was researcher at the charts department, and in the evenings he started the first Dutch music blog about London at night. On one occasion he met Brandon Bakshi, and ever since he helped BMI employees finding their way at conferences in The Netherlands.

Award winning projects
Back in The Netherlands, he became DJ host with a daily show on the national alternative radio station of Veronica Broadcasting. He also started writing for Prix The Rome awarded pop journalism website 3voor12, part of VPRO Broadcasting. Later on, he pursued a career in music radio, selecting the records for award winning Dutch broadcasters like Eric Corton, Leo Blokhuis and Roosmarijn Reijmer.

Influential broadcaster
For more than ten years now he oversees as music editor the specialist radio shows at VPRO Broadcasting. The shows are broadcast at NPO 3FM, the national public pop station - equivalent to BBC Radio 1. He is member of the 3FM playlist committee and is music director of the non-stop station 3FM Alternative. Besides that, he writes a weekly chart column for the European Border Breakers chart, researches syncs for music agency Sizzer and is focussing on advising new Dutch acts to kickstart their careers.

Contribution to the BMI Writing Camp
During the BMI Writing Camp he will interview the participants, and document the process for Instagram. If desired, he will also be able to give them advice on how to present themselves in the media, how to structure a track to gain airplay or simply broaden the musical horizon of the participants.. Afterwards, he will write a story for Dutch website 3voor12 and for BMI publications.
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